Londyn’s Birth Story

Warning: Contains details you may not want to read. 🙂 Also I am not one hundred percent sure that I got the exact order of things correct, it is a little blurry in my head. 🙂

March 31st, 2014 @ 1:30 pm: I was laying in my bed nursing Xanthe to sleep for her nap […]

Nathan’s Lego Money Bank…

Nathan thinks he should get his own youtube channel. 🙂

Breaking out the birth stories…

Now that I am getting so close to having my sweet baby #4, I couldn’t help but reread my other birth stories.  Here they are (read at your own risk) :)…

Rylee Part 1

Rylee Part 2

Rylee Part 3

Nathan Part 1 

Nathan Part 2

Xanthe Part 1

Xanthe Part 2

Xanthe Part 3


3rd Trimester…

Not too much longer.  I thought I would share a little update.  We are pretty excited around here.  Maybe I should start unpacking baby stuff. 🙂  Tim is sure that we are having a boy… we will see.  Nathan is hoping this baby will be “exactly like Xanthe”, Rylee wants this baby to be a […]

The Reading Lesson Review…

I love reviewing reading programs more then any other curriculum. I don’t think there is only one right answer. I think every child is different and different programs will work better for different children.  I was very excited when I was contacted to review “The Reading Lesson”.


The Reading Lesson was […]

Flowering Baby, LLC Review and Giveaway…

I have never felt the need to purchase a curriculum for a baby, but after reading some reviews on this product, I was intrigued. It sounded really fun and I decided to give it a try.


I received Flowering Baby, LLC One to Two Year Olds from Flowering Baby, LLC as […]

Review: My Interactive Book of Mormon Stories- Volume 1…

I am always looking for ways to entertain my kids during Sacrament Meeting at church. I was really excited when I found this downloadable book.


My Interactive Book of Mormon Stories Volume 1 was created by Natalie Sevents and Illustrated by Andrea Utley. It is a PDF download. The cost […]

Xanthe is 19 months old!!!

Where has the time went! She is growing up way too fast. She is a super easy child and such a blessing in our lives. I am thankful everyday that I am able to be a mom to my amazing children. I thought I would list some of her favorite hobbies…

Garbage Picking

Toilet Diving


Sewing for kids…

Rylee has shown a lot of interest in sewing lately. She has a sewing box full of hand me downs from me. For Christmas I am going to get her some new supplies and more material. I also ordered several books from Amazon for her to get ideas from…

Click the photo to be taken […]

Vocal Coach Singer (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

I have a confession to make… I cannot hold a tune to save my life! I sing my kids lullabies all the time and for some reason they find it soothing but that is the extent of my singing attempts. I was drawn to Vocal Coach Singer in hopes that I might actually […]