The Vacation that Wasn’t…

Our plans to travel to Arizona this week and visit family and friends didn’t work out. 🙁 My baby had a scary emergency room visit (she appears to be okay now) and my husband came down with a nasty flu two days before we were due to leave. We can take a hint, we shouldn’t go. Our trip was postponed.

I was pretty sad about it, but now I am pretty excited. It turns out we will be going on our vacation, just not as planned. We are in the market for a…
school bus. Yes I know, I am crazy. This has been a dream of mine for quiet some time.  We will be converting a school bus into an RV! I am in the clouds, my imagination is running wild. I feel like a little kid designing and planning a fort. Check out my Dreaming of an RV Bus Pinterest board for all my crazy dreams for our future RV!

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