My favorite equipment for cooking traditional foods…

Considering we are preparing traditional foods, and some of these foods have been prepared for thousands of years, it may seem silly that I am suggesting equipment that requires electricity.  Although these items are not absulutely necessary, they really speed up the process and make it a lot more pleasant for me.

Vitamix 5200

My blender is my absolute favorite piece of equipment.  I have the wet and dry containers.  I use them for so many things.  I use the dry for grinding flour, spices, nut butter, etc.  I use the wet for to many things to name, but smoothies and banana ice cream are at the top of the list. They have an amazing warranty. There is a new model available now, but I have the one pictured above in white. You can probably get it cheaper at Costco though. And if you want the new model, wait for a sales guy to come and demo it in your Costco. You will get a better price that way.

Excalibur 3900 9 Tray

Another very useful tool. I use my dehydrator for so many things. My husband loves to make dehydrated pineapple rings and apples. I dehydrate sprouted grains and nuts. I also dehydrate all kinds of produce. One of my favorite ways to use it is as a low temp heater for my yogurt. I take the trays out, throw my jars of cultured milk in. Set the temp and out comes perfect yogurt. The trays are nice and big. They do not have a whole in the middle. The screens have small holes, so it is easy to dehydrate small things. I also have the liners so that I can dehydrate liquids. I have dehydrated my sour dough starter and many other things.  I have a white one. 🙂

Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor

My food processor gets a lot of use around here too.  I do a lot of chopping, slicing, and grating with it.  It is also my favorite tool to make butter with.  I bought mine at Costco, I cannot remember the price.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I use my mixer all of the time, for almost every baking recipe I make.  I also prefer it for whipped cream.  This blender has lasted about 10 years so far.  When I do have to replace it, I will replace it with a Bosch mixer.

Nesco 6-Quart Roaster Oven

I use a slow cooker almost continuously. If I use it anymore, I will need two running at the same time. I really like this model. It allows you to adjust the temperature. It is a slow cooker, but it also cooks at higher temperatures. I use this for meals, stocks, oatmeal, and all kinds of other things.

FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

These are wonderful. I mostly use it to seal jars of food that I have dehydrated. They sell an attachment for small mouth and large mouth jars. They are about ten dollars each. I do use it occasionally for other things too.

Berkey Imperial Stainless Steel Water Filtration System

I absolutely love our water filter. The water taste delicious. It doesn’t take electricity. The filters last for years. It takes out all the bad stuff and leaves all the good stuff. My husband bought the gigantic one (it purifies up to 11 gallons an hour), but I think the Big Berkey would have been perfect for our family. 🙂

So that is the list of large equipment that I find oh so useful while preparing our traditional meals. They just make life easier. I will make another list of the smaller items that I use frequently in our kitchen tomorrow.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage of any items you purchase through these links.  You do not need to purchase the item I am suggesting.  My family thanks you for using our links.

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