Story Time: Vol. 1

Life of Fred: Apples

Fantastic Math Series. My kids love learning math with this book. It is a really silly story about a 5 year old named Fred who is a math instructor at Kitten’s University. You get to go on all sorts of silly adventures with him.

Cough Remedy…

My family has been sick a lot this winter. On the way home from our trip from Arizona, everyone except me had terrible flu symptoms. When we arrived home, we were really worried about my baby. Her lungs sounded horrible. We wondered if she had Pneumonia. We were using SunBreeze which was helping but we […]

Sunbreeze and SunnyDew… My First Aid Kit…

If I had to pick two items to put in a First Aid Kit, they would be SunBreeze and SunnyDew. My family has been using these products for over 20 years. My husband and I have experimented with them and I thought I would share some of the things they have worked really well for.

SunBreeze has an […]

Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day Review…

I loved the idea of this book. I find the topic of religion fascinating, so I was excited to get started.


There are 40 chapters and each chapter is about 2-3 pages long. As the title implies, each chapter is designed to be read in about 15 minutes. The […]