Thrifty Chic…

A little background:

I have been giving a lot of thought lately about all of the things my family takes for granted. We spend money on things such as clothes and in the same week we are donating bags of clothes simply because we do not like the style. I have been trying to think […]

Heritage Inn, Snowflake, AZ Review…

I have been wanting to visit my parents for a long time. They live four states away from me. With three kids, two dogs and a cat, it can be pretty difficult to make that trip. Recently, my dad’s health started declining and I felt like I better figure out a way to get there. […]

2012-2013 Year 0 Curriculum :)


Toys… Teethers and Rattles


Mini Blanket and Mini Stuffed Animal



A House United: Teaching Self-Government by Nicholeen Peck


Craft Activity Bags Review

Rylee absolutely loves Crafts. We were lucky enough to review Science Experiments in a Bag and Preschool Activities in a bag and loved them, so when we were offered to try out Craft Kits in a Bag, we jumped at the chance!


Activity Bags were created by a couple of […]