Another Christmas Present for Rylee…

First, let me back up a bit. About a year or two ago, Rylee started requesting that I teach her to sew. I was excited because I had been waiting for this day. What did I do? I did “sewing lessons” with her. I picked a fabric, ironed it, cut it out, threaded some needles […]

Sewing for kids…

Rylee has shown a lot of interest in sewing lately. She has a sewing box full of hand me downs from me. For Christmas I am going to get her some new supplies and more material. I also ordered several books from Amazon for her to get ideas from…

Click the photo to be taken […]

Vocal Coach Singer (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

I have a confession to make… I cannot hold a tune to save my life! I sing my kids lullabies all the time and for some reason they find it soothing but that is the extent of my singing attempts. I was drawn to Vocal Coach Singer in hopes that I might actually […]

Growing Up Wild (Schoolhouse Review Crew)


Growing Up Wild  is a set of 5 DVD’s that show you daily life of the 4 Wild Brothers: Morgan, Hudson, Kian and Asher, who with their parents Mike and Libby are missionaries to the Wano tribe in Papua, Indonesia.  The DVD’s are recommended for ages 5-12 but I […]

PAL (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

I have heard great thing about Institute For Excellence In Writing from other homeschoolers. When I found out that I was going to be reviewing their new program PAL: Primary Arts of Language, I literally yelled out loud from excitement. I stalked my mail carrier for days while waiting for my package […]

With the Children on Sundays (Schoolhouse Review Crew)


Grace and Truth is a christian bookstore. They gave the crew a lot of choices, I chose With the Children on Fridays: Through Eye-Gate and Ear-Gate Into the City of Child-Soul by Sylvanus Stall. This little gem was written in 1893. It is packed with 52 sermons that can be used in your home or for […]

Story Time This Week… October 29, 2012

What we have been reading…

The Hand-Me-Down Doll:

A spoiled child receives a doll and doesn’t play with it. The doll gets passed from person to person until finally someone love and appreciates her.

Silly Baby:

Short little book about having a new baby brother.


Activity Bags (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

My kids love “projects”. The problem is it takes a long time to think of a project, gather the supplies, get it all out, do the project and then clean it all up. Just the thought makes me want to say “maybe later”.  The idea of having a bunch of pre-made activities and […]