Homemade yogurt in the crockpot!

I cannot believe how easy it is to make yogurt.

All you need is a large crockpot, 1 gallon milk, 1 cup dry milk and 1 cup plain yogurt (make sure it has live active cultures).

Just pour the whole gallon of milk in and turn on high until it reaches 180 degrees. Turn your […]

Healthy Breads in 5 minutes a day!

After I stopped eating sugar, it didn’t take me long to realize that it is very difficult to find bread that does not have sugar in it. I love bread so I decided I will have to start making my own. Which led me to the book “Healthy Breads in 5 minutes a day”….

I […]


It has been nine days since I have had any sugar!!! (or corn syrup, nutrasweet, splenda, etc.) If you know me, then you know how amazing that is. I finally decided to get over that addiction. I cannot believe how many items have sugar in them… kidney beans, ketchup, salsa, bread, sausage, taco seasoning… to […]

My baby is growing way too fast…

Xanthe is 10 months old today!!! I am about a year behind on post. 🙂 I will get her 6 month and 9 month photos up eventually…

Accountable Kids Review…

Up until 3 weeks ago, we had three extra kids in our home. They lived with us for four months. This means we had a 12, 10, 8, 7 and a 4 year old plus our baby. It was very busy here. We fit everybody in two bedrooms. One of the things I did almost […]

Just kidding, how about brown… :)


Rylee’s new haircut…

Ii is for… Inchworm

The Solar System and Stonehenge!

We did a science lesson from Exploring Creation With Astronomy (Young Explorer Series). . We had fun making the Solar System with the balloons. But the really fun part was after we made “Stonehenge” out of grey play dough, my husband came up with the idea of moving the sun lamp across at different angles. […]