Butterfly project day ten…

1st day of school- 2011-2012 and a homeschool zoo day… :)


Birthday party outcome

Butterfly Project Day 6

Three Months!!!!

Why do newborns grow up so fast. My sweet little Xanthe is 3 months old today. She is such a sweet beautiful baby. I am loving every second. She smiles all the time now. She laughed a couple of weeks ago when we were giving her a bath. She laughed over and over during her […]

Butterfly Project

Day three: They have tripled in size!

My baby is growing up…

My daughter Rylee turned 7 a couple of days ago. I cannot believe how fast these seven years have flown by. I remember the anticipation when I found out that I was pregnant. That was the longest pregnancy… well technically it was the shortest… but it felt the longest.

She is so wonderful. She has […]

Klesick Family Farm- last summer…

Klesick Family Farm is a local farm that delivers fresh organic produce to your home. They are a great company and if you are interested in this sort of thing, I highly recommend them. In the summer they offer a family fun day. My family had a wonderful time!

We are looking forward […]

The Ceramic Place with Rylee and two missing front teeth…

I took Rylee to The Ceramic Place a couple of weeks ago after getting her two front teeth pulled. She painted an adorable horse. Today she dropped it and it broke. Tim glued it back together.