Our First Day of School!!!

Yesterday was our very first day of homeschooling. We had a lot of fun.

We read some books. I am currently reading

Pippi Longstocking

to them. They played some Letter of the Week games. We had Gospel Study. We enjoyed our 1st lesson of Math U See. We played with […]

Beautiful Junk

One of my kids favorite things to do is to make Beautiful Junk. What is Beautiful Junk? We just save all of our recycling in a box. When it is time to make some we bring out the box with glue, tape, markers (and occasionally glitter or paint). And an hour later we have tons […]

2010-2011 Curriculum picks… a work in progress

This will probably be changed and added to a hundred times but this is the plan for now…

Nathan (3 years old):

In addition to the list below, he will be around for most of Rylee’s lessons. I am sure he will pick up some things from that too.

Basic Preschool Skills-

Cutting, gluing, coloring, […]

Our choice for math…

I had a really hard time choosing a math curriculum. They all seemed to offer great things. I finally narrowed it down to  Math-U-See and RightStart Math. They both have received great reviews. After much thought and prayer I decided to go with Math-U-See. We will be starting the primer on our first day of […]

It’s almost here…

The long awaited… first day of homeschool. I have spent all summer planning and preparing for the year. We are all very excited. Our school district starts school on September 8th, so we will officially start the same day. I am still waiting for several packages to arrive. Hopefully they will get here in time. […]